In 2012, the formation of Abelitoart Appreciation began as a means to spread art education in the form of a vocational class and served to bring a higher quality of art instruction through courses taught by professional artists. As a one man team, Abel Garza conducted numerous fine art residencies throughout the Pasadena Independent School District with a tremendous response from students, coordinators and evaluators alike. With Abelitoart Appreciation in place, its expansion continued with the addition of another artist in residence, Ivan Camarena, bringing in new concepts into the already successful workshops. After Mr. Camarena's two year residency, in 2015, he created Cam Fine Art Workshops as a separate educational entity. Since then, the collaboration of these two fine art workshops has allowed them to reach a broad audience across the greater Houston area. 


Workshop overview

As professional working artists, it is important for us to stress the significance of vocational learning. Rather than turning students into artists, our goal is to enlighten students with real world applications of a degree in art as well as promote skills that are useful in any other area of study. The workshops we perform are a culmination of fine art residencies that have been performed within the last five years in participating school districts. Through our project based workshops, we manage the creation of a final art piece, constructed from scratch by the students, and involve multi subject learning throughout the length of the project until completion. Allowing students to experiment with art in this manner helps them stimulate creative solutions in their lives. 

Parks Elementary: Cultural painting study on "Dia de los Muertos"

Parks Elementary: Cultural painting study on "Dia de los Muertos"

Within the five years of operation, both companies have served a wide variety of student demographics. Our programs serve students from Kindergarten all the way through High School with workshops suited for each age's particular skill level. Our class room sizes range in between 10-15 students allowing for maximum efficiency, engagement, and class production. The duration of each lesson and length of the overall course depends on the project being executed and based on the campus' needs.


Our programs are a visual and physical experience with long term positive effects that can be difficult to measure at times. The videos below highlight some of the many projects we have executed alongside hundreds of participating students. Whether or not their interests take them towards a creative path is unknown, but, in participating in one of our workshops, all students have taken with them an improvement in motor skills, literacy inhancement, creative problem solving, math application, and social responsibilities. This list of outcomes increases and changes with each of our lessons and we welcome the opportunity to instruct at your location! If you would like any further information about our workshops, please contact us through this website either on the CONTACT tab above or by clicking here